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Kamis, 20 Januari 2011


Souldrama is a seven stage action model of growth and discovery designed to awaken your higher purpose!

How do we live a soulful life? We are all on a life-long journey; it is a search for who we are and why we are here. It expands our consciousness, awakens our heart, and clears our mind.

Is your spiritual development important to you?  If so, Souldrama can help.
A new spirituality requires us to know the presence of Spirit .. the Universal Presence ... in all things and forms.

This Universal Presence has little to do with intelligence, for the universe is not an intellectual process. 
 The intellect is helpful, but our true selves are a reflection of our hearts and they are the wiser part of ourselves. A new wisdom is unfolding in accordance with the demands of our current times. 
People everywhere are searching for well-being: for meaning, direction, fulfillment, health, and happiness. To have our needs met, we look to the outside world to feel useful and appreciated. We long for great relationships, to love and to be loved. Little do we realize that the process has to start internally, if we look within we can find all of our answers.
Behind all of these human desires is the creative impulse of our soul; it moves through each of us and through the world we exist in. When we can understand, connect, and respond to soul, we find meaning in all of our experiences, even the most difficult ones.  When we resist the soul because we don't understand what's happening; we become ill, have accidents, experience emotional pain, and struggle with money as well as work and interpersonal relationships.
Life's Purpose - What is yours?
Few of us clearly or intuitively know our life's purpose because our lives are clogged with roadblocks and pitfalls. Through Souldrama, we can actually see and re-enact how our lives have unfolded and can begin to understand our life's lessons. We can discover why we are here and what is preventing us from connecting with our true inner selves and moving forward.
Change is hard. As human beings we prefer constancy and comfort to instability and uncertainty, even if we perceive the outcome as better for us. When change comes, we try to avoid the transition because we are afraid to lose control of our selves and the situation.  The symptoms of avoiding change are: being indecisive, ambivalent, impulsive, emotionally detached, and by procrastinating.  We become stuck in careers and roles that no longer serve us, we outgrow relationships, and become lost in our addictions and codependency. How do we consciously move past this resistance and step through the doorway to transformation?

The illumination of knowing our life's purpose and the satisfaction of fully living it brings clarity, meaning, and fulfillment into our lives. When we are consciously aligned with our deepest reasons for being, we tap into rich reserves of energy, personal power, and passion. Our lives begin to flow in new and delightful ways and it brings a peaceful stillness to our souls.  As we experience the depths of our hearts we are able to love ourselves without judgment and learn to extend it to others.

When we become our authentic selves, we can offer the world our gifts, talents, and skills with the clarity of our intention and without fear, finally living our dreams.

each workshop in souldrama designed to:

Transform and renew your relationships.·         Illuminate your spiritual gifts.·         Overcome the fears that prevent you from moving forward.·         Increase your self esteem.·         Discover what unique gifts, talents, and skills you bring into this world.·         Discover what specific issues represent your life's challenges.·         Discover what gives your life meaning and purpose.    ·         Create spiritually intelligent leadership.·         Develop clarity, passion, and personal power

Identify your values, virtues, qualities, and talents.

Souldrama spurs the soul into action bringing forth it's spontaneity and creativity.  This Group Action Process moves us from our Rational Intelligence (what I think) to our Emotional Intelligence (what I feel) and Spiritual Intelligence (what I am) so that we can integrate all three in our lives.
Souldrama offers seven stages, or doorways, of spiritual growth and transformation.  As a Group Action Process, Souldrama helps you: overcome roadblocks in careers and relationships, create new roles in your life, release the light and peacefulness within the core of your being, illuminate your spiritual gifts, and recognize as well as define your higher purpose in life.
When you step through each doorway, you will uncover a challenge within yourself to overcome before you can open the next one.  With the completion of each stage comes the gift of illumination, a glimpse of your authentic self, to bring with you to light the way on your journey of self-discovery.  Each door will lead you to a higher state of spiritual development: doors One and Two move you beyond your Rational Intelligence, doors Three and Four past your Emotional Intelligence, and doors Five and Six lead to your Spiritual Intelligence. Door Seven is the integration and transformation of all three along with the wisdom and knowledge of the process, your inner journey...your life's purpose.The processes of Souldrama are akin to a pilgrimage or rite of passage. The common elements are to (1) Accept the challenge to journey for a specific purpose; (2) Find the faith and truth in one's vision needed to set out; (3) Learn how to invoke the strength of spirit and perseverance; (4) Listen and allow the soul to speak and work through you; (5) Overcome the obstacles that slow you down; (6) To perform the appropriate rituals and connect with the transcendent self at the destination of the pilgrimage; and (7) To return to one's home community, bringing back enlightenment and blessings.

On our Journey of Spiritual Transformation there are many doors that we may choose to enter and many paths we can choose to tread. Transformation is a cyclical process and we intuitively know when it is time for a change.  Your challenges may seem insurmountable, but with the Group Process of Souldrama, we can support you from the beginning of the journey to the end result:  living your life's higher purpose filled with love, self-acceptance, and peace. 
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  1. Dari posting perdana di tahun 2011 ini, mungkin admin blog ini sedang berpikir bahwa diantara sekian banyak hal, kita semua lemah pada sisi spiritual. Saya setuju :)

    Keep thinking, writing, and succes !